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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Apart from non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women of all races, with a lifetime risk of 1 in 25 in South Africa, according to the 2016 National Cancer Registry (NCR).Risk factors: The risk for breast cancer increases as women grow older, but many women under the age of 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer. All women are at risk, and in particular women with a family history of breast cancer. Being overweight, inactive, consuming alcohol, poor dietary habits, smoking and exposure to chemicals also increases risk.

 Reduce Risk Through Regular Examinations:

Self Breast Examinations.

While not all breast lumps indicate cancer, they should be investigated, especially if accompanied by other changes in breasts or the under arm area, such as lumps, texture changes, thickening, dimpling, changes in shape or size of nipples or breasts, tenderness, discharge, rash or swelling, or one breast suddenly being slightly larger than the other. Research has shown that a regular Breast Self-Examination (BSE), plays an important role in discovering breast cancer, compared to finding a breast lump by chance.

Online Support to Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Online Support to Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients CANSA launches its iSurvivor Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) email support programme as part of breast cancer awareness month in October. In addition to existing online support offerings and ground level support programmes for cancer patients, this programme is aimed at assisting and helping mostly MBC patients with their experienced challenges.

“When it comes to breast cancer age is not a factor. The first doctor I saw immediately dismissed my question about the painful lump under my arm because I was too young for breast cancer. When I eventually went for a second opinion we found out I had stage 3 Triple negative breast cancer. I was 28 the first time and now at 32 I have just finished treatment for a recurrence. My advice is if you feel something is wrong don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. Cancer doesn’t care how old you are.” (cancer Survivor) Melissa Willemse

 “Don’t ignore your body if something feels off, no matter how insignificant, like excessive hair fall, nail discolouration, tiredness – this is your body warning you that something is wrong. I had all of these symptoms before I even felt the lump that changed my life. Looking back now I realize that if I had acted sooner, perhaps I could just have had a lumpectomy instead of a double mastectomy.” (cancer Survivor)  Cynthia Erasmus

 Diagnosis & CANSA Support  

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please contact your local CANSA Care Centre so that the staff can offer you and your loved ones care & support, including medical equipment hire, wigs, counselling, support groups, online support groups and resources, as well as CANSA Care Homes where patients receiving treatment far from home can stay during treatment.TEL 0800 22 66 22

Ref: https://cansa.org.za/


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